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Aranda Eder discovered her passion for massage and caring for the body at the age of 33.

Massage, an Art, that she has been practicing for almost 30 years.
From German origins, she has been living in Ticino for almost 7 years and she really likes it.

She completed her studies in Pedagogy at the U of Bremen in 1992 and then worked for some years in structures for children and adults with mental and physical handicaps.

While handling these people, for the first time she learnt to communicate in a different way – namely intuitively.
She had always been interested in spiritual subjects and in 1988 received the “REIKI certificate for the first degree in the Usui System of natural healing”.
At the Melchizedek Academy in 2002, she completed a 3-year-long training course in Creative Pedagogy.

Since 2005, first at the Institute for Creative Pedagogy and then on an independent basis, she has offered individual consultations and orientation seminars in the area of personality development.

From 2009-2012 Aranda took part in courses in the Hawaiian Lomi Oluea Massage Therapy Training Programme given by the Hawaiian Instructor Daniel Fowler.

Furthermore she took several courses with the physiotherapist Uta Scheven.

By 2010 she was self-employed in Ticino where she had built up a clientele in both Ticino and the Swiss-German sector.

In addition, she has authorization from Daniel Fowler to give basic courses in the LLO Technique since 2015.

For Aranda it is a given to repeatedly seek a new experience and means of communicating between the client and herself from the LLO treatments.

Her clients say: she touches one on one in a very special way.